Why Bloodhound Gang Should Never Play a Part in Your Pick-Up Lines…

I can’t believe I even feel the need to say this, but last night I witnessed one of the weirdest situations.

What happened to men simply asking a girl out for a drink or dinner? I’m not asking someone to do this for me, because I’m not exactly ready to get back out there yet, but I’ve just been noticing the strangest tactics lately and I need to share them with you.

I’ve had serious boyfriends, but they never started as dates. They always started as friends who then became crushes who then became boyfriends.

Now that I’m single, though, I’m witnessing or even falling prey to strange come-ons.

For example, quoting the ’90s rap song “You and me, baby, ain’t nothin’ but mammals, so let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel” should not be qualified as wooing.

Nor should the tactic of “Hey, I think I really like her. Can you arrange a group night out so that I can talk to her?”

Men. Honeys. Grow some balls. Ask a girl out.

The worst thing she can do is say “no, thanks.” I mean, if you’re polite about it and just say “Can I take you to dinner sometime?” I guarantee that the chick won’t throw her drink in your face, unless she’s crazy, in which case, you have bad judgement skills. I’m just saying that I think it’s weird that I’m witnessing more people acting as though they need to trick one another into dating… and that’s just creepy.

Am I alone here? How many of you – men and women alike – have actually just gone out on a date with someone that isn’t a friend? Is this just a problem of my generation? Do the people of the ’90s not know how to date?

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9 Responses to Why Bloodhound Gang Should Never Play a Part in Your Pick-Up Lines…

  1. jeanbe says:

    You are funny and right on target! People appear to have lost some basic skills on interacting in general!

  2. Dawn Mena says:

    Agreed, and I think that if videos like this are what people are taking as inspiration for dating and social interaction tips – well, that just explains it all.

  3. Dating is a very, very strange thing, and I’ve never been able to get my head around it entirely. My parents are always saying that back when they were younger you could ask someone out on a bus that you’d just met, then go to dinner with them that night. That’d never happen these days.

  4. filbio says:

    Dating nowadays is a lot different. I really think today’s men have no balls. Everything is done by texting or with stupid lines and cryptic messages. Too much game playing and not enough being real. Honestly, I think most are just socially inept.

  5. Buttons says:

    I barely dated before I met my now husband. But the very few dates I did go on that weren’t guys I had already been friends with were pretty disastrous. I think the worst was the time we went on a double date to the movies with some boys we’d met at a show, only to be informed when we got there that our “dates” wouldn’t be paying for us, which was just fine, I wasn’t planning on it anyway. But after we bought our tickets, they told us that they weren’t buying tickets at all and would we please go open the back door when we got inside. Riiiiight…so that turned into a lovely friend date. I think they did get someone to let them in, but we were done with them by then. Dating is weird. Sometimes I feel like I missed out on something never having truly “dated” and sometimes I thank my lucky stars!

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