What’s Your Spirit Animal?

I was asked this question earlier last week. I thought about it and came to this conclusion:

Me: Either a moose or a giraffe. I’m so gangly.

Friend: Hm… but it’s not just physical.

Me: No, I know. Have you ever seen a giraffe? They’re so awkward.

Friend: So, are you saying you look like this when you drink?


To clarify, my friend literally got into this position. He did not provide a photo, but I was too shocked to whip out my phone and photograph that glorious moment, so I had to go with the true comparison he was trying so hard to make.

Me: …Yes. Taking me out to bars is really awkward for everyone involved. I use a lot of straws.

Friend: Interesting.


In other news, Happy Pi Day, everyone!! Don’t know how to celebrate? Here are my suggestions:

  • Bake a pie.
  • Eat a pie.
  • Do some math. (terrible suggestion)
  • Go see Life of Pi
  • Read the book Life of Pi
  • Throw at a pie at someone else.
  • Do absolutely nothing having to do with Cow Pies.
  • Have a pie eating contest.
  • Have a pie naming contest. (As in, think of all the different kind of pies you can).
  • Wear togas while doing all these things because Pi is a greek letter.

What are you doing to celebrate Pi Day? What is your spirit animal?


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23 Responses to What’s Your Spirit Animal?

  1. ttoombs08 says:

    I’m pretty sure my spirit animal would be a fire breathing unicorn.

  2. vaterrell says:

    How will I celebrate Pi…hmm, my checkbook needs balancing. Boring I know, but it fits. I don’t have a spirit animal so we will just leave it at that. Visiting from UBC!

  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    I suspect my spirit animal is a member of the ape family, given I can scratch my ankles without bending my knees… #LongArmSyndrome

  4. Lucy says:

    Glad I found your quirky blog through SITS. My spiritual animal I think would be a majestic wolf. I just love wolves. I’m mesmerized by them. 🙂 I joined your blog as well.

  5. My sprit animal is the Wolf! I like Giraffes they have a great view on the goings on around them. Thanks for the post!

  6. filbio says:

    My Spirit Animal is any that will eat pie!

    Now I might have pie for lunch!


  7. NIc says:

    I’d like to think it was something elegant and mysterious like a panther, more likely to be something goofy and splodgey like a bushbaby!

  8. tito travels says:

    I think my spirit animal is a dog. Oh wait, I’m already a dog. So maybe a cat, then.

  9. DaniMae says:

    Found you on SITs.

    Mine is definitely a rabbit. I’m anxious and become very still if I feel a threat is coming. But…have you ever seen a rabbit fight? It’s not pretty.

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