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I feel like we’re doing the whole “romantic sunset” thing wrong.

A conversation I had with The Mr in the car yesterday:  Me: Oooo… pretty sunset. It’s so weird to think that it’s all just pollution. The Mr: What are you talking about? Me: The sunset. The only reason it’s all colorful and pretty … Continue reading

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Not a real post, but a great reminder!

Hi friends! This isn’t a real blog post, but it’s just a friendly reminder that the public #SundaySupdates episode for the month is tonight at 8pmEST on the youtube channel! Come and watch me try to cook while also trying … Continue reading

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Gym Drake is my Unicorn: A Sequel

Okay, so the last time I wrote about the gym, we all learned about my obsession with this guy at our gym who looks exactly like Drake. I was pretty excited to go back to the gym tonight, not because I … Continue reading

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“SCATTER!” -My Brain.

My Bestbian is on her way to visit me from Boston RIGHT NOW and I am beyond excited because I haven’t seen her since my wedding day (which was sadly the day I married someone other than her. Damn you, sexuality!) … Continue reading

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No episode, but still a #SundaySupdate

Hi! So….. I tried filming the first episode of #SundaySupdates last night and let’s just say that things went TERRIBLY. A fire was almost started, I burned myself a whole lot, corn exploded, and hot oil went EVERYWHERE. On top … Continue reading

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