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“Hey! You’re Great! I love you! …Too much?” or “A Midwesterner in New England’s Court.”

I get teased a lot for being such a friendly Midwesterner. I never really noticed it until I moved to New England where everyone is very into their privacy and conversations are minimal with strangers. Thankfully, I work in retail, … Continue reading

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No. Please tell me this isn’t happening already.

A conversation I had with a customer yesterday: Her: Emelie, are you married? Me: No. Her: Do you have anyone? Me: …no. Her: Oh… why? Me: Why am I not married? Um… that’s a complica– Her: –You’re just so tall and … Continue reading

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I have no time to write this month.

So, I’m a full time bookseller. As you can imagine, this is an extremely busy time of year for me. While I absolutely adore everything about Christmas and the holiday season, it comes at a cost, and that cost is … Continue reading

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And Then I Vlogged About My Phone Voice

That’s right, Duckies – today I’m doing a Vlog. So… enjoy the awkwardness that is me on camera, because there’s so much of it that it hurts sometimes… I’m not calling myself fat or anything… it was the mass amount … Continue reading

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