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Holy Crap This Thing is Awesome #1: Habitica

So I’ve been thinking about doing a blog post once a month to feature something that I’m really into at the moment. This could be a product or a blog or an app. Whatever. I don’t want to be paid … Continue reading

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Get ready. This is a Nerd Style Giveaway.

So, it’s no secret that I’m a bit of a nerd. My staircase is decorated like a game of Space Invaders and I have Undesirable #1 Wanted posters from Harry Potter hanging up in my living room. My books are … Continue reading

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So Many Things!

Oh my gosh, you guys, this week has been the crayest of crays. …….please excuse me while I go and punch myself in the throat….. Okay, but really, I’m overwhelmed by the awesomeness that has been occurring this week. Thursday … Continue reading

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Window? Squirrel Parkour Course? I’ve Heard It Both Ways.

So, my best friend, who has decided to go by the pseudonym “John Hamm” on this blog (so as to avoid any Internet association with me) texted me this video just now: Me: Oh my gosh. So cute. JH: He’s … Continue reading

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Apparently I Can Eat A Lot… Including the Dead.

So… I’m a nerd. WHAAAAAT? I know. Shocking, what with all the times that I’ve told  you to watch Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who… or made you vote on which Harry Potter phone case I should buy… you never saw … Continue reading

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Did I Not Mention That I’m a Total Nerd?

What? My love of Harry Potter and Battlestar Galactica didn’t give me away? I know, I know, I keep my weird nerdiness so well hidden, what with all of my suave sex appeal and sophisticated musings that you all come here for, but … Continue reading

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That’s When I Decided That My Friends Are Scary Sometimes, but In That Funny Way.

My dear friend, Apollo, drives a car that might as well have come out of a cereal box. He’s driven this car since we were in high school, and I remember that when we were 16 and he first got … Continue reading

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