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It’s official: I’m becoming my father.

My parents are lively and active people. The word ‘retirement’ is akin to the most offensive of curse words in their eyes, I think. Over drinks when my dad was in town, he said: “I hate that word.” And I … Continue reading

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Grocery Store Anxiety

My mom and I were on our way to get our nails done before my wedding and as we were driving along, we were listening to the radio. We weren’t talking much, but I didn’t particularly find it to be … Continue reading

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Diary of a Wimpy Mommy – A Guest Post from Merima Trako

Hello, friends! Over the next few weeks, I am away for my wedding and honeymoon, so I’ve invited some of my favorite writers to keep you entertained in my absence! Enjoy!!  I am a mother of two boys. They are … Continue reading

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In honor of Mother’s Day…

Because this Sunday is Mother’s Day, I thought it would be fun to revisit all of my mother’s appearances on this blog, of which there are quite a few and they are all golden. So,  here’s one of the latest … Continue reading

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An Oldie, but a Goodie, because #TBT… and my mom.

The great thing about me posting on Thursdays is that whenever I don’t have the time, I can just be all “THROWBACK THURSDAY, BITCHES!” and then all of you, my Duckies, are just like “Yay!! Trending social media topics!! I … Continue reading

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And Once Again, My Mother, Ladies and Gentlemen…

So last night I was sitting at home and relaxing with some Netflix and my dog. It was perfect. And then I went to wash my face. “Why do my eyes look different?” I thought to myself. And then I … Continue reading

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A Mildly Inappropriate Conversation with My Mother

Mom: I just found your old bank checks that you lost a few months ago. Me: Seriously?! Where?? Mom: In a laundry hamper in the upstairs hall closet. Me: Obviously. Mom: Yeah, that makes total sense, right? I’m actually finding … Continue reading

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And Then My Mom Gave Me “Medical” Advice.

So, last night I was wearing a skirt while a few of us were sitting outside on the patio, drinking some wine and enjoying a fire. It was actually quite a lovely evening, especially since it was the first time … Continue reading

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A Very Merry Christmas Indeed – Especially for My Mom…

So I’m back from the Christmas insanity! Sort of. The family is still in town and much of my day consists of “having a conversation” with my one-year-old nephew who knows the word “Da.” I hope you all had a … Continue reading

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Don’t all Mothers Have “Unintentionally” Perverse Cookie Cutters?

So, today is a Swedish Christmas Holiday. December 13th is St. Lucia Day. In honor of this holiday, I got together with my mom to bake a bunch of Swedish Christmas cookies and saffron bread (St Lucia Buns!)  Now, as … Continue reading

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