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“Hey! You’re Great! I love you! …Too much?” or “A Midwesterner in New England’s Court.”

I get teased a lot for being such a friendly Midwesterner. I never really noticed it until I moved to New England where everyone is very into their privacy and conversations are minimal with strangers. Thankfully, I work in retail, … Continue reading

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All the puppies.

This past Wednesday I was feeling really down for no particular reason at all. It had just been a weird couple of days, I guess, and the weather was crummy, and I don’t know, I was just not doing so … Continue reading

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Goodbye Long Distance, Hello Neighbor

Don’t worry. I didn’t break up with Boyfriend and start dating my neighbor. That would be awful. Especially since my neighbor is an elderly woman with a herd of cows. No, my friends, Boyfriend is actually BECOMING MY NEIGHBOR. This … Continue reading

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To All You Bitter Singles Out There

Yesterday I posted a really quick post dealing with relationships and how my best friend “John Hamm” basically broke down every relationship any of us has ever had.  You should go check that out if you didn’t see it yesterday. I … Continue reading

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Relationships with John Hamm

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, folks. Yes, the time of year where we eat chalk-flavored candies with grammatically incorrect messages of love on them. The only time of year that a stuffed animal is a totally normal thing for an adult … Continue reading

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One of the Coolest Love Stories Ever and Why I’m a Terrible Gift Giver.

Happy Be-lated Valentine’s Day, Readers!! I’m so sorry that I never ended up posting yesterday. I totally understand the hate mail.  I guess I should feel lucky that I’m not popular enough to get any hate mail. Whew! Dodged that … Continue reading

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not… He Kinda Loves Me?

So last night Dragon and I were at the store, picking up dinner and a movie. Deciding on the movie was brutal, as always. We don’t fight over it or anything, but we’re just so darn bad at just picking … Continue reading

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