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I’m not totally sure what’s happening here, but I definitely don’t like it.

So I walked into my bedroom last night and found this: Obviously, I immediately took a picture and posted it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, because frankly, I didn’t want to be alone with this anymore. So… Points to anyone … Continue reading

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It Wouldn’t Be My Life If A Simple Visit to the Vet Didn’t Turn Into Something Ridiculous.

Happy Hump Day, Duckies!! Today is about my dog, Gio. You’ve all met him, right? Anyway, so he was due for his yearly rabies shot and other vaccines to make sure he doesn’t turn into some crazy beast and go … Continue reading

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I’m Being Productive in My Real Life Today, Which Means I’m Being Lazy on the Internet.

Today I am copping out of writing a post and instead doing a throw-back to the old days because I’ve decided that not cleaning my apartment for one more day might actually be illegal. So, in the spirit of productivity, … Continue reading

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