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Grocery Store Anxiety

My mom and I were on our way to get our nails done before my wedding and as we were driving along, we were listening to the radio. We weren’t talking much, but I didn’t particularly find it to be … Continue reading

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Because Dad Is Here.

My dad surprised me and came to visit last night, so today I am hanging out with him and making sure he doesn’t scamper off and assassinate someone, as I’m sure that that’s the real reason he’s come to town… Anyway, … Continue reading

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Well, Now I Just Have Too Much Butter – Or, Why Paying For Food is Stupid.

Good morning, readers! I hope you are all enjoying your day so far. I’m out of coffee, so I’m starting my day off with a nice cup of hot cocoa – which I am so not hating. If there wasn’t … Continue reading

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