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Current Obsession: A Pregnant Giraffe — Also new project and I need your help.

Okay, so I’m totally obsessed with this pregnant giraffe, April, right now. I’ve discussed my love for giraffes before on this blog. We have a lot in common: we’re both tall and gangly, we make goofy faces, and people are … Continue reading

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By Writing This, I’ve Sealed My Doom. At Least Verbally. There’s Still Room for a Violent Death in There Somewhere, I’m Sure.

Happy Friday, Duckies!! Thank you so much for all of your birthday well-wishes! It was a super wonderful day and now I feel much older and wiser. Twenty-three is totally the age where true wisdom happens, right? Anyway, I got … Continue reading

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What’s Your Spirit Animal?

I was asked this question earlier last week. I thought about it and came to this conclusion: Me: Either a moose or a giraffe. I’m so gangly. Friend: Hm… but it’s not just physical. Me: No, I know. Have you … Continue reading

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