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But then I realized that it was Friday the 13th and all of this seemed normal

Well hello there, friends! I’m sorry for my bloggy absence this past weekend, but activities took over and my brain couldn’t handle putting words out by the end of it all. Sometimes we all need a little, unplanned break, don’t … Continue reading

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“SCATTER!” -My Brain.

My Bestbian is on her way to visit me from Boston RIGHT NOW and I am beyond excited because I haven’t seen her since my wedding day (which was sadly the day I married someone other than her. Damn you, sexuality!) … Continue reading

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Love and Friends and Family and Mawwiage – A Guest Blog Post from Cole Campbell

Hello, friends! Over the next few weeks, I am away for my wedding and honeymoon, so I’ve invited some of my favorite writers to keep you entertained in my absence! Enjoy!!  Hello everyone! My name is Cole and I’m here … Continue reading

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So… I’m screwed up, but in a cute way… right?

This week was a weird week and it involved a lot of panic attacks, which I won’t dive into, but it also involved my friend, Sookie (not her real name, but she is the Sookie St James to my Lorelai … Continue reading

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It’s not an unhealthy relationship, I swear.

So, a few weeks ago, my bestie (who has decided to go by  “John Hamm” on this blog for legal reasons) posted this on my Facebook wall with the message “Please take and report back to me”: Initially, my result … Continue reading

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Graphic User Interfaces for Life.

I’ve been thinking about the importance of friendships a lot lately. I think that companionship is an extremely important thing to be good at in life, and maybe that’s because I’m terrible at being alone. When people ask me what … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of community. I’ve always been surrounded by people, and thankfully it’s been a supportive and loving group of people throughout my life. I’m the youngest of four kids, my parents are still … Continue reading

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Bloggers Are So Weird… and By “Weird”, I Mean “Freaking Awesome.” Also, I’m Not a Lesbian.

Last night I met up with Pixie Stick for drinks when I got out of work. This girl is an amazing woman who I’ve wished I was closer with for years now. She’s an amazing writer, a beautiful woman, and … Continue reading

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