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I’ll probably only be happy if I’m naked and living in the forest at this point: A rant.

I’ve been trying to shop more ethically lately and to also stop wasting as much because the world is on fire and I can feel better about myself and my choices when I see that my face wash is “cruelty … Continue reading

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It’s official: I’m becoming my father.

My parents are lively and active people. The word ‘retirement’ is akin to the most offensive of curse words in their eyes, I think. Over drinks when my dad was in town, he said: “I hate that word.” And I … Continue reading

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So maybe I’m not marketable. 

I’ve been feeling a bit low as a writer/person in the world lately, which is weird because the thing I’ve been feeling low about is the fact that I’m not angry all the time. I am a feminist. There’s no … Continue reading

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….WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?! In equally unsettling news, #SundaySupdates, a live Q&A I do WHILST COOKING, is live and public this Sunday at 8pm! Most Sundays it’s just for the Patreon people, but the last Sunday of every month, I open it up … Continue reading

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Just doin’ my job, sir.

Today a child totally called me out when I lied to him, but in my defense, he was hitting his father to an obnoxious degree (aren’t all degrees obnoxious?) and using truth and reasoning wasn’t helping. Me: Alright kid, this … Continue reading

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A conversation I had with The Mr as we were getting into bed: Me: Do you think fish ever get headaches? The Mr: I’m sorry, ‘do fish get headaches?’ Me: Or any animals, I suppose. Do animals get headaches? The Mr: I’ve … Continue reading

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Grocery Store Anxiety

My mom and I were on our way to get our nails done before my wedding and as we were driving along, we were listening to the radio. We weren’t talking much, but I didn’t particularly find it to be … Continue reading

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This week Fiancé and I discovered the joys of furniture assembly and arrangement as a couple. There was a whole lot of “No, really, the couch should go here,” followed by “Oh my god, you were so right, this is all … Continue reading

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We argue just like regular couples do.

Boyfriend and I don’t fight much, but we’ve been having the same argument over and over again for the past few months or so. It’s a fairly simple argument: I believe the toilet is haunted and he chooses to fall … Continue reading

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WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN? And more evidence of my aging.

So I have this text chain going with some old roommates of mine. We lived together when we were studying in England and now we’re all spread out all over the States, so this is how we randomly connect and … Continue reading

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