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This makes me uncomfortable, but I’m trying a thing.

The best career advice to give to the young is, ‘Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.’ -Katharine Whitehorn I have a really hard time asking for money, especially when it … Continue reading

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Surround yourself with brilliance.

The other night my writing group held a reading at a local restaurant to honor the memory of a long-time member who recently passed away and to honor the work and life of one of the founding members who is … Continue reading

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The Guy Was Probably Just Impressed with/Jealous of My Old Lady Impression.

Good morning, Duckies!! So yesterday at work, I had a very strange series of conversations… Phone rings Me: Thank you for calling The Book Shop! This is Emelie. Older Woman: Yes, Hi! Is Michael there? Me: Oh, I’m sorry. He doesn’t work here … Continue reading

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Help Me, Duckies. You’re My Only Hope.

Okay, so Lisa Newlin has convinced me given me permission to audition for Blogger Idol. So now I need your help. Which post should I audition with? I’ve narrowed it down to these four: Why Bachelorette Parties Should Never Happen On … Continue reading

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“And We Are Just Breakable Girls and Boys”

I’ve posted various vague posts on Facebook about this, and today, I posted a rather blunt one in a blogging group that I’m a part of: First of all… Thank you to everyone who responded. Every single comment (and there … Continue reading

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This Isn’t a Real Post as Much as a Beg for Your Attention.

Well, folks. I’m jumping on the blogging bandwagon. Now that GoogleReader is disappearing, everyone is flooding the BlogLovin’ website. I didn’t use GoogleReader, but I’ve been using the WordPress Reader and I haven’t been totally pleased. If I haven’t been … Continue reading

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What This? Oh, It’s Just This Award I Won or Whatever…

The thing I love about the blogging community is how much we are constantly trying to lift one another up and encourage each other to keep going. Vikki Claflin over at Laugh-Lines.net is one of those amazing women/bloggers who is constantly … Continue reading

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And Then I Shook Rod Stewart’s Hand and Almost Stole a Watch for the Sake of Being Memorable in Vegas – Part 2.

Hello Readers!! So yesterday you all read about my first night out in Vegas. Yes, a man nearly peed on me, but that was nothing compared to the insanity of Night #2. So, let’s dive in! Saturday:  Okay, so first … Continue reading

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Bloggers Are So Weird… and By “Weird”, I Mean “Freaking Awesome.” Also, I’m Not a Lesbian.

Last night I met up with Pixie Stick for drinks when I got out of work. This girl is an amazing woman who I’ve wished I was closer with for years now. She’s an amazing writer, a beautiful woman, and … Continue reading

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Hey! I Won Some Awards! Cool!

Wooooow! I won some more awards! I’m not sure how much these things count for, but it’s always nice to have other bloggers saying “I think you’re just plain groovy, and I bequeath this photographic award to you so that … Continue reading

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