Rules for Life: Sometimes I’m a Copy-Cat, but That’s Okay.

So, if you’re any sort of intelligent, you read The Bloggess, Stories About My Underpants, and Lauren Filing Jointly.

The Bloggess recently posted a “Rules for Life” blog post, and then Lauren did the same thing… and then Stories About My Underpants followed suit

I want to be a cool kid, too! And I’m pretty damn wise… right? I mean, my life advice is what you come here for. Okay, so maybe you’re here for more of a “how NOT to live your life” kind of tutorial, and I can’t blame you. Either way, here are my very own Rules for Life:

  • Don’t be a dick. Just all around. Nobody enjoys that.
  • This one is actually John Hamm’s, but she gave me permission to use it since it’s become a staple in our lives: Don’t come into my house and shit on my carpet. This is meant both literally and figuratively. Essentially, just don’t enter someone’s life and then start messing stuff up. It’s rude.
  • There is literally a Beatles song for every occasion. Listen to them more often.
  • Hold doors open for people.
  • If someone holds the door for you, freaking acknowledge that and say Thank You.
  • Say Thank You.
  • Delay gratification more often.
  • Stop one-upping people. Nobody likes a one-upper.
  • Treat servers, bartenders, and customer service people with respect. They’re there to serve you, but they’re not your servant.
  • Don’t sleep with someone just because you don’t dislike them.
  • When given the option, LAUGH.
  • Also, know that it’s okay to cry.
  • Just have emotions in general. Even the cylons have emotions.
  • When in doubt, watch Doctor Who.
  • Write someone a freaking letter. It’s so exciting to receive that stuff in the mail.
  • Write a really nice letter to a complete stranger. Seriously, just pick a name out of the phone book and send it to them.
  • Write letters to artists who you appreciate. This includes authors, musicians, actors, directors, cameramen, costume designers… anyone. Just tell them you thought their stuff was cool. We bloggers forget that not every media has a “comment” box somewhere.
  • Stop just judging people with tattoos. Keep judging people with dumb tattoos, though. If we don’t let the world know how stupid a Twilight tattoo is, then they’ll just keep showing up.
  • Travel. For the love of God, please travel.
  • If you want to wear a poodle skirt, do it. I do.
  • Be you. Be wonderful. Be awesome.

What do you have to add? I’m sure there is so much more.


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29 Responses to Rules for Life: Sometimes I’m a Copy-Cat, but That’s Okay.

  1. momchalant says:

    The Beatles songs for every occasion is SO true. I am a HUGE Beatles fan. I think I just fell in love with you.

  2. momchalant says:

    YES, there IS a Beatles song for every occasion. I sing my son Hey Jude and Dear Prudence every night before bedtime. I’m a HUGE Beatles fan and I’m forcing him to be, too.

  3. loacoach2 says:

    Don’t judge people at all (regardless of Twilight tattoos). Treat people as you would want to be treated. Be positive.

    Increase your vocabulary so that you actually sound as wise and intelligent as you actually are. That way, you will not have to use “freakin'” or any other word that sounds like the only adjective your know is some derivation of the other “f” word.

    (Watch the movie “My Fair Lady” so that you will learn that verbal class distinction still goes on in the marketplace and thus prepare yourself for life.)



    P.S. Here from UBC.

    • Jean says:

      Funny… I thought you said something about not judging people? Here Pot, I would like to introduce you to the black Kettle. By the way, that is a form colloquialism. I think “My Fair Lady” may have missed that within it’s strict syllabus for life. Bless your heart 🙂

    • Chris O'Hare says:

      Continue being YOU – and if YOU would rather use words like “freakin'” INSTEAD of dropping the actual F bomb (which I’m a fan of from time to time, and I personally find it amusing at times) then FLIPPIN’ do that. Personally speaking, I find your willingness to write about whatever the F YOU want to write about on any given day, and POST it, more than a little inspiring – and there have been days where that has kept me writing, regardless of whether I hit it over the fence or it goes foul. I see a comment among those posted here, that makes me wanna drop a bomb or two on your behalf – though I know I don’t need to. Nonetheless, it kinda (and yes, I know
      “kinda” is short/slang for “kind of”, lest I appear not as smart as I actually am – and mind you, I have my moments) feels like someone walked in and shit on your carpet. As a dog owner, it happens – and it ain’t the end of the freakin’ world.

    • GK Adams says:

      “Don’t judge people at all…?” Sounds like your response to this post did just that. Apparently you’ve never read The Bloggess, whose use of any variation of the “F” is quite hilarious in any context. I don’t think people should change who they are, how they behave or speak, just because you feel they should…or because they don’t fit your definition of a, “My Fair Lady.” I think it’s pretty simple…if these types of posts (which, in my opinion, are hilarious) do not fit your “class distinction,” then the simple solution to YOUR problem is to ignore them and stay away.

      Like the saying goes, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.”

      Emelie’s use of the word, “Freaking, fracking, or whatever” is her cute way of saying the alternate. I don’t care what types of words she uses in her blog. Her writing makes her distinct and for that, I admire her courage to put her life out there, using her unique voice, so we can all enjoy laughing with her.

      If your initial response was not intended to be rude, let me assure that it was taken as such. There is no other way to comprehend such words. If you were offended by Emelie’s post, you should have contacted her directly and not posted such rubbish for the world to see.


    • Codswollop O'Donaghue says:

      (1) My Fair Lady is set in like 1905. So many better examples you could have gone to.

      (2) Your school is bad and you should feel bad. Real Canadians go to McGill.

      (3) Your comment is pretty racist and you should probably apologize.

      (4) There always seem to be rotten bloodfarts that frequent blogs whose sole mission is to rain their misery across the universe. A fourteen year old picking at acne scars having just come home from a forced watching of My Fair Lady cries into a pillow that’s still moist from last night’s sob session about nobody appreciating her self-styled pulchritudinous vocabulary. The horrific memory is embedded deep into her subconscious so that when she’s a mediocre student of computational linguistics who drinks too much and doesn’t call her parents often enough, it floods easily back to the surface and rages onto a comment on an otherwise-delightful blog post. She justifies this behavior by saying this is how real life works, even though her experience with real life consists almost entirely of a single summer washing dishes that ended in a ragequit because the chefs she was desperate to smooch with on break were too busy working on their difficult jobs to pay attention to the plump, greasy, soggy, drowned rat of a girl who kept trying to impress them with phrases like “verbal class distinction”. It’s still a daily struggle for her to come to terms with the fact that in the real world her trouty mouth preaches about so often, good favor is doled out according to content and substance. Maybe it’s because she has never been able to generate quality content or substance, and she has has gotten this far masking it with decorative language. Maybe it’s because she is drunk by noon again for the third time this week. I know I am.

  4. filbio says:

    Such a great list here – especially the first one. Life would be a lot better if people were just nice to each other.
    Hey, you are one of the cool kids! Also regarding – “If you want to wear a poodle skirt, do it. I do” – now I guess I’ll have to wear one!

  5. Hands down the best thing I’ve read all day! Love ’em all, especially writing letters. I miss corresponding with my grandma via snail mail. I’ll never forget the time she sent me a letter my freshman year in college with $3 taped inside ‘for a burger & pop.’ Damn, I miss her!

  6. Jenn L says:

    Nice list! I especially like the One Upper. I have friends that always seem to be waiting for a break in the conversation to one up, no matter who they are talking to. Lame!!

  7. Thanks for the great rules! Love ’em all, especially to write a letter. I miss corresponding via snail mail with my grandma. I’ll never forget the time she sent me a letter my freshman year in college with three dollars taped inside for a ‘burger and pop.’ Damn, I miss her!

  8. Wes says:

    #1 You can’t drink all day unless you start in the morning
    #2 Say “Yes Sir” & “Yes Ma’am” as often as possible
    #3 Remind the people important to you that they are and finally
    #4 If you can’t remember how many drinks you have had just start over at 1!

    I like beer.

  9. A.J. Goode says:

    This is a great list, especially the advice about Doctor Who. The only I would add is:

    1. Have fun.

  10. I save so much money when I delay gratification.

  11. I fully agree with you.

    Also, the person above needs to remove the rather large stick and “fricken” relax already.

    That is all. 🙂

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  13. Lisa Newlin says:

    John Hamm’s was my favorite and I’m totally stealing it without asking her permission. Hence, the definition of stealing.

    I also like the “don’t be a dick” one. It’s true. Just don’t.

    I would also add “don’t park over the line and take up half of the parking spot next to you,” but I guess you covered that with “don’t be a dick.”

  14. lisanewlin says:

    Did my comment just not post? Frick!

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