Ready for My Day? I Sure Am!

Hello, Duckies!

Today is a massive day of productivity for me. I’m hardcore cleaning my apartment, which feels freaking fantastic.

As you can imagine, I don’t do these things in any sort of normal fashion. I have to make everything fun and entertaining. I set goals for myself, give myself rewards and then, naturally, I sing songs the whole time.

Here is how I plan to schedule my day:

8:30 – Running with John Hamm (during which we discover that talking while running hurts)

10:00 – Write a blog post of some sort. Hey, you all want to hear about my day, right??


  • LAUNDRY – This is where I run around actually throwing my laundry into the machines, like it’s some sort of sport that I’m really bad awesome at. Injuries will definitely occur.
  • BATHROOM – I have a tendency to sing “Splish Splash” when I clean the bathroom. I just makes it an all around more enjoyable experience. Especially when you get to the line “rub-a-dub” because I just change it to “scrub-a-dub” to make it more relevant to my activities.
  • SO MUCH DOG HAIR. It’s really alarming. I try and sweep every day (which means that I don’t sweep every day, but I know I should, so when I say “I try” it makes it seem more cleanly than I am) but I swear that Gio just goes and finds all the fur I just got out of the house and brings it back in when I’m not paying attention. He’s like a ninja….
  • KITCHEN!!!! I actually love cleaning kitchens. It’s my favorite cleaning activity. So much scrubbing!!! Bubbles everywhere!!! And, let’s be honest, it’s got the highest volume of shiny objects in my apartment, so… I obviously love it.

1:00 – Lady Doctor – meh… not looking forward to this part of my day.

2:30 – GO THROUGH ALL THE CLOTHES!!! Yup. This is also the day that I clean out my closet. It’s actually exciting, because John Hamm and I are petitioning to have a clothing swap with all our chick friends, so we get to steal things that we’ve all been eyeing for the past year or so. It’s like a wardrobe upgrade for free! I definitely recommend it.

4:00 – REWARD MYSELF WITH SOMETHING SUPER ENJOYABLE LIKE TV TIME OR A BOOK! Ooo… or maybe a nap… actually, what do you think I should reward myself with? Ideas, people!! I’m dragging you into this!!!


In other news, exactly a week from today, I will be in Chicago!! I’m going to help my sister with her new baby during her first week back at work. I can’t wait! If any of you are in the region, I’ll be tweeting about my whereabouts so that you can stalk me for photos and autographs, since I’m clearly at that level of fame.

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13 Responses to Ready for My Day? I Sure Am!

  1. Great piece! I’m the same! Cleaning is an all-day affair for me, I’d rather just wallow in my messiness (note, not dirtiness, I like to think of myself as messy but clean! If that makes any sense!) for AGES until I physically can’t stand it anymore, then do this HUGE clean which takes like a day 😛

  2. filbio says:

    I dread cleaning our place this week. We have guests staying over starting Friday and a Cinco de Mayo party on the weekend. We are the same as we wait until forever to really scrub the place down. UGH!!!

  3. You sound like you are actually excited about cleaning! I can’t ever get there… One thought about dog hair. When our old pooch passed away several years ago, I thought that not having dog hair would make the house cleaner. Unfortunately, I found out that our dog actually cleaned the place, especially under the table and in the kitchen.

  4. juliejs says:

    Love this post! Mondays are my favorite day of the week and like chores, when approached in the right mindset, magic happens. I look forward to hearing what happens next?!

  5. djfreshplate says:

    Oh man, am I EVER going to clean tomorrow – which is also my first day off in two weeks. I should probably start with the kitchen. I’ll reward myself when this whole place is rid of the clutter. The only area that I’m allowing myself to leave out THIS time, is the walk-in hamper/pantry….I mean, laundry room.

  6. amygm says:

    I really enjoy your sense of humor. “So MUCH DOG HAIR.” haha! Please come clean my house for me.

  7. Amber says:

    Cleaning sucks. I still have laundry that needs to be folded. Lately we’ve just been grabbing the clean stuff from the basket. Because really, who needs to fold?

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