My Morning Routine is Starting to Get a Little Weird.

So. Apparently this is a terrifying object:20140306-103312.jpg


Why would I think that? Because this is literally the face I see every morning when the fridge starts to hum:



It starts off innocently enough. I wake up, zombie walk my way over towards the coffee maker, get that all figured out, and then while that’s brewing, I feed Gio.

Gio starts eating his food and is all “NOM, NOM, NOM, BREAKFAST IS GREAT, NOM, NOM, NO-”

And then the slight “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….” of the fridge, which is about 2 feet away from Gio’s food bowl, starts up.


Gio: Stare.

Fridge: Mmmmmm……..

Gio: Make eyes bigger. Stare harder.

Fridge: I’m just a fridge. Doing fridge stuff…

Gio: MOM!!!

And that’s when he runs out of the room and hides around the corner.

That’s when I walk over to the fridge and hug it, while looking at Gio and saying “Gio, it’s okay! Fridge nice! Fridge friend! Look how yay the fridge is! Yay, fridge!”

And then Gio is like “Oh thank God the fridge is not attacking Mom. If Mom trusts fridge, I trust fridge.”

And then we both eat our breakfast in peace.

Until the next morning when Gio apparently forgets all trust he had for the fridge.

Surprisingly enough, Gio is totally cool with the coffee grinder.


In other news, there’s a new book review up! Check it out and share it all that good stuff! Thanks!

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22 Responses to My Morning Routine is Starting to Get a Little Weird.

  1. Kim says:

    Haha. Too cute and funny! You’d think a dog his size would be less of a scaredy-dog. I can see it with a chihuahua but a husky? (he is a husky, right?) Umm, wut?

    One of our cats doesn’t get startled by anything but once you turn on the vacuum all hell breaks loose. Damn cats.

    • Emelie says:

      Hahaha – he is a husky, and I think I’m finding that the bigger the dog, the wimpier. The vacuum does nothing to him, which is also weird.

  2. Rachel says:

    I needed this laugh today 🙂 How delightfully ‘dog’ of Gio.

  3. I love that dog almost as much as I love mine!

  4. Kate says:

    Too funny! Is he afraid of anything else?

  5. Roxie says:

    Your dog is so cute!

  6. saiyge says:

    I am comforted to see that other people talk about things like I do. This is absolutely a conversation that I could have on any given day.
    “Yay, Fridge!”

  7. Phil says:

    Awww, poor Gio. Maybe you should make sure he knows all the food is in the fridge. Then he’ll love it!

  8. Rachel G says:

    haha! I’ve heard of dogs being scared of vaccums, but never a fridge…

  9. Maybe the coffee grinder can convince Gio that the fridge isn’t so bad. This post really made my day!

  10. AwesomelyOZ says:

    Haha that’s so cute – your dog is soooooo precious. 🙂 Have a great one Emelie! -Iva

  11. Avra Goldenblatt says:

    Too funny! Just found your blog off of Thoughts from Paris. I love your stuff! My dog Kramer is terrified of flying plastic bags! Weirdo’s!

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