Just to say “Wow.”

It’s one of my rules of blogging to not be preachy, but I just need to acknowledge how amazing this performance was. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have been some of the most truly inspirational artists this year. They’ve done everything on their own, they’ve stood up for what they believe is right, and on top of that, they are damn talented. Coming from a girl who loves The Beatles and folk music and usually can’t stand rap, these guys have changed my opinion of the genre in a huge way.

Yay, you guys.


P.S. How jealous are you that those couples get to say that they were married by QUEEN LATIFA??

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3 Responses to Just to say “Wow.”

  1. Phil says:

    I have to admit that even though I’m not a huge pop or rap music fan that was pretty cool last night at the grammys.

  2. Jean says:

    I didn’t watch the grammy’s, thinking I was avoiding a bunch of craptastic performances and pop winning the majority of awards. But now I wish I had tuned in for some of the performances.

    I enjoy Macklemore and am choosing to opt out of the criticism of him: glamorizing and basically cashing in on black culture/music without giving credit, standing up for LGBT rights because it’s topical and for support… the list continues and I for one have grown tired of people attacking any artist on the basis of accused racism. I guess I have gotten preachy, but in my opinion it’s gone too far. So, great performance, I would see him in concert as I enjoy his music. I guess some people will find a way to be mad at anything, there will always be something to criticize. Enjoy what we like–if we know we like it–without need to explain ourselves.

    Sorry, hearing a lot about him today and then saw your post. I like the genre of music, but I think he makes it fun, too. If he’s ever in Chicago, you are welcome here to come see him with me 🙂

  3. I love Macklemore & Lewis, they’re so full of life and energy and they really mean what they’re singing about. That wedding was way more inspirational than I expected. When I first heard the network was planning it, I thought it was a bad idea, but it turned out to be very moving. BUT….what the heck is going on with Madonna these days? She needs to stop trying to be young and learn to grow old gracefully.

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