It Wouldn’t Be My Life If A Simple Visit to the Vet Didn’t Turn Into Something Ridiculous.

Happy Hump Day, Duckies!!

Today is about my dog, Gio. You’ve all met him, right?

Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom.... Spring is coming!!!!

Adorable, I know. 

Anyway, so he was due for his yearly rabies shot and other vaccines to make sure he doesn’t turn into some crazy beast and go Hulk on my neighborhood or something. Or so that he doesn’t get sick. One of those, but I can never remember.

Anyway… We walk into the exam room for the first time in a year, and Gio immediately runs behind my legs, hiding between me and the wall.

Because he’s a big, brave boy.

Me: Oh… so, I should warn you. He’s really scared of getting vaccines.

Vet: Okay, that’s fine. Does he get aggressive or anything?

Me: No, not at all! He just wiggles around a whole bunch, trying to escape, and then he’ll howl like you’re snapping his legs off instead of just pricking them with a needle.

Vet (to Gio): Haha, so we’ve got a drama king on our hands, do we?

Me: Big time.

Vet: Alright, well I’ll bring in another vet to help out. No worries.

It took THREE vets to keep my 44-pound dog still. THREE. One vet was bear-hugging him, the other vet was clamping his paws together to keep his legs still, and the third one was supposed to give him the actual vaccinations. Meanwhile, I was sitting in front of him and just constantly telling him that it was going to be okay.

Because this wouldn’t be life if a simple visit to the vet didn’t turn into something ridiculous.

Anyway, Gio is looking at me with sheer panic in his eyes and I’m all “Calm down! You’re fine!” and then he lets out the most blood-chilling howl I’ve ever heard in my entire life. People in the waiting room probably got nervous about using these doctors.

So, my dog is screaming bloody murder, and I look down at his leg and that’s when I realized the most embarrassing thing about this whole situation: The vet was just applying the alcohol swab. The needle hadn’t even appeared yet.

I think it’s safe to say that the risk of Gio Hulking out on my neighborhood is a pretty low one. Like, if there was a risk scale from 1-10… he’d be at -7.

So, while I'm feverish and achy, my dog never left my side. He also stole and used my tempurpedic pillow for three days.

And then he came home and slept all day. Like a champion.


In other news, we’re getting ready to film Episode 3 of Awkwardly Wonderful Dating Advice and we’d love to hear from some more guys about times when chicks have done some seriously crappy stuff on dates. This whole episode focuses on Female Dating Etiquette. We always hear about when guys are jerks, but we recognize that the female gender is nowhere near perfect (Sorry, ladies, but it’s true). Help us fix that!

So for all of you who date women, please send us your crazy stories/questions to

Thanks so much for all your support and views, Duckies! Please keep sharing the show! We are having so much fun doing this!

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23 Responses to It Wouldn’t Be My Life If A Simple Visit to the Vet Didn’t Turn Into Something Ridiculous.

  1. Krystle Low says:

    Awww! ^^ Your big baby is adorable. Send him cuddles from me yeah? <3

  2. melissa says:

    Ha! My dogs are the same way at the vet. They even have to muzzle our German Shepard!

  3. TheSitsGirls says:

    Your puppy is a crack up! My puppy is afraid of her own leash so I can relate! haha

  4. Jean says:

    Your dog is adorable. You are as well — I would love to see you two at the same time. Anything that fuzzy can act like a big baby and still get my stamp of approval. I hope he has forgotten about the horrors of the day. Now to check out your dating advice…

  5. Carrie Rubin says:

    Haha, that story made me laugh. I never thought about dogs’ reactions to vaccines. Poor pooch. Poor Emelie…

  6. Roxie says:

    Such a cute husky! Such a big baby! Have you tried distracting him with treats?

  7. The bigger they are the bigger they howl

  8. filbio says:

    He is such a beautiful dog. He is actually like a lot of people that don’t like needles. Drama King. Hope you gave him a treat when he got home for going through such an ordeal!

  9. Abby says:

    Well, at least you all survived. I read a post a few weeks ago about someone taking their cat to the vet and having the cat crap on the vet’s laptop, so at least no defecation was involved in your experience–at least not on the part of the dog.

  10. MJM says:

    Poor guy…I hate to see animals in pain and/or scared. We just had to take our puppy to the vet for her shots, and when she cried I felt so bad for her. They also stuck this stick up her butt…and she did not like that at all…not even a year old and she already had her butt cherry popped.

  11. Just wait till they tell you that your dog’s teeth need to be cleaned, and you end up with a $450 bill because the antibiotics are $100 alone. My Golden is the same way, though.

  12. Sarah Almond says:

    My big dog hasn’t figured out that the vet means shots yet… this is a good thing. Thank you for linking up with the Humor Me Blog Hop!

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