I’ll Never Tell!!! …Unless you maybe get me drunk…

A conversation with John Hamm last night:

Me: John Hamm! I drunkenly ordered something on the internet last night.

John Hamm: …seriously? What was it?

Me: I can’t tell you.

John Hamm: Why would you even bring it up!??

Me: Well I just can’t tell you yet because there’s too many people around!

John Hamm:

Me: Fine *whispers purchase in John Hamm’s ear*

John Hamm: …WHY????!?

Me: Well, Jessica bought one, so then Sara bought one, so I wanted to be supportive, so I bought one.

John Hamm: …You guys are so weird.

Me: Well, I had to tell someone and I can’t very well blog about it!

John Hamm: I thought that’s what you started blogging for: So you could talk about all the things that I don’t want to know!

And then I laughed so hard that I wrote all of this down.


And no, you’ll never know what I purchased. But feel free to guess!!



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8 Responses to I’ll Never Tell!!! …Unless you maybe get me drunk…

  1. Not sure what was purchased. Funny though.

  2. filbio says:

    Oh, the naughty thoughts going through my mind right now!


  3. vaterrell says:

    Hmm…wonder what it could be? At some point you’re going to have to spill! Visiting from UBC.

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