How to Do Online Dating the Wrong Way.

So today I’m on with a piece about how NOT to do Online Dating:

“Before I started online dating, I was really losing hope that I would ever find someone. As a 23 year old, it was ridiculous to feel that way, but I’d just gotten out of a relationship with a guy who I thought was The One and heartache makes you crazy. Shortly thereafter, but for unrelated reasons, I moved three states away to a small town where the median age is over twice my own. A friend of mine suggested I turn to the Internet. “Why not?” He said, “Everything’s online now; it only makes sense that our generation would do dating that way, too, right?”

He made a fair point.

So, I signed up. That white rabbit ran by, I followed, and boy did I fall down a long, strange and confusing hole…”

Read the full article here!!

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4 Responses to How to Do Online Dating the Wrong Way.

  1. shyenaia says:

    Emelie!!!! I found you through hello giggles! Your article came just in time. I have been considering online dating but would rationalize that I would feel like I was shopping. I think your article hepped me come to terms with the part of my personality that becyomes obssessive and judgemental about these types of things. I think I’m going to stickto random happenstances. P.S. I glad iI found youyou’re blog. I LOVE it!

  2. Lisa Newlin says:

    “I felt like I was at Target sifting through the sale rack.”

    Gold. Pure. Effing. Gold.

    I’m so proud of you for Hello Giggles!!!!

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