Holy Crap This Thing Is Awesome #3: Stress and Joy with Sabrina

Earlier today, after wrapping up my NaNoWriMo word count for the day, I rewarded myself with some time to catch up on some of my favorite YouTubers.

If you watch the vlogbrothers channel, you know that Hank just had a baby and is on paternity leave (yay fatherhood!), so on Fridays, his usual videos are being taken over by the lovely Sabrina from Nerdy and Quirky, and her debut video in this slot was AMAZING.

I’ll let you take a moment and watch it right now. In fact, I’ll join you.


I love everything about this.

Yes, stress can be a bad thing, but… what I love about Sabrina’s point is that stress, like fat, comes in good and bad forms.

I am the type of person who performs well when time is of the essence. For example, I’ve set a goal for myself to write a blog post every Friday, and I’m holding myself to that goal while also trying to attempt NaNoWriMo, while still working a full time job, and working with teens twice a month for a few hours at a time and planning a wedding and saving up to buy a house (or maybe build one) and taking care of a really smart and active dog and reading more and trying to also spread joy and happiness and good vibes in one of the undoubtedly negative periods of our country’s recent history. And then there are all the shows on Netflix to catch up on. It’s exhausting.

But Sabrina made me realize that if I was doing none of these things, if I was just sitting around and drinking coffee and working on nothing, I would feel no reward. I would get none of the joy that blogging and noveling and bookselling and the wedding planning and everything else brings me.

Good things take work to create, but it’s good work. It’s fulfilling work — and when you’ve worked really hard to get something good, that thing feels so much better.

I’m so glad that I watched this video today and was reminded that some forms of stress are worth having. They are the fires under our asses to get us moving towards the joy in our lives.

So the next time that you’re sitting at your desk, wanting to tear your hair out because STUFF ISN’T HOW YOU WANT IT RIGHT NOW, just take a moment and remind yourself why you sat down there in the first place and try to smile even though your blood pressure is rising. Think about what it is you’re working towards and why this will all be so worth it.

And remember, you can do it. I believe in you.

Speaking of which, what are you working on that’s a source of good stress in your life? Tell me about your happy projects in the comments and let’s support each other through it all!

Spread joy, everyone.

*This is an installment of the Holy Crap This Thing Is Awesome series in which I pick one thing that I am loving right now and I tell you all about it because I want more people to be aware of the existence of that person or thing. I do not get paid for these and I pick them purely based on my own interest in them. 

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2 Responses to Holy Crap This Thing Is Awesome #3: Stress and Joy with Sabrina

  1. Katy Bug says:

    What great points! Nerdy and Quirky always makes me laugh AND think, just like the vlogbrothers. They are a credit to humanity.

    Anyway, yeah, stress! Things I’m doing! The big one is NaNoWriMo. It’s stressing me out right now because 1) I haven’t been writing regularly for several months now, so I’m way out of the habit and am struggling to focus on writing every day. 2) I love this story idea of mine, but I feel so unworthy of it. Does that ever happen to you? Like, you get this great idea, and once you start to work on it, outlining plot and designing your characters, it feels like, “Holy shit. I am not capable of handling the potential greatness of this thing.” I mean, I might be overselling myself – haha I probably am haha typical rookie, amirite? *sobs* I’M TRYING SO HARD – but I think this idea is really good… But… Am *I* really good? Am I good enough for this thing?

    Ahem. Sorry, I think I got some guts on your post. I’ll just stuff those emotions right back in. Anyway, I’m working on NaNo amidst volunteering at an animal rescue for ten or more hours every week, trying to read more, two part time jobs (and potentially a third, because woohoo I’m poor, will work for food), trying to exercise at least semi-regularly, caring for my own animals (I have five because obviously I am not right in the head) and walking the dog a few times a day, a recent death in the family, as well as a host of other stuff, including near-crippling bouts of anxiety and/or depression over that host of other stuff. At the same time, writing is GOOD stress, because I love doing it and feel fulfilled when I do it every day. I have a fantastic, fun, supportive writers’ group that meets twice a month, and I never would have met those people without writing! And, one day, I swear to all that is holy, I will earn money doing this. I will find a way. If supporting yourself by doing what you love ain’t something worth doing, then what is?

    • Emelie says:

      Okay, so 1: You can do this. I know it feels impossible some times, but just take it in small chunks. YOU CAN WRITE THE WORDS. 2: YES!! I have felt unworthy of almost every story I write. Don’t worry about that. Get the words out right now and then you can do more research and make it better later. Just remember, the story can’t be fixed if it’s not there in the first place. 3: Holy cow, you’re doing so much, but yay!!! Just remember to let yourself take time for you, as well. Self care is so important, but it’s so easy to put last on the list of priorities. Baths and naps and all of that? Make them a priority! And then get back to work ;P

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