Dreaming of Failure

Following dreams can be complicated. Especially when we’re not sure what the exact end goal is. Sometimes we have to just sit down and start.

I wake up every morning to write and there is never a moment when I sit down at my desk and say “I know exactly what I want to say.” It never happens that way. Sure, sometimes I have a vague idea, but it rarely ends up turning out exactly the way I think it will. But isn’t that life in a nutshell? Do we ever wake up and say “I know what is about it happen today. Every detail. Any detail?” No. But we wake up every morning and we start the day.

So why are we so reluctant to do that with our dreams? Fear? Fear of what? Failure? We should be embracing failure, shouldn’t we? At least if we fail, we can say that we tried, and hopefully that we learned so that we can try again and eventually succeed – even if that success isn’t what we pictured it to be at the start of the venture.

So I wake up every morning and I sit down at my computer and I write. I write without knowing what words are going to come out of me and sometimes they’re good words and often they’re not, but words happen and that’s all I can ask for.

Except I’m going to ask one more thing, and I’m going to ask it of you: Will you fail with me? Will you wake up and do the thing you wish you could do and probably not do it well for a while so that you can eventually get to a point where you feel like you kick ass at that thing? Because I don’t want to be alone here. We’re all failures, right? So why don’t we fail together?


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2 Responses to Dreaming of Failure

  1. Katy Bug says:

    I want to fail with you! There’s some personal stuff I need to do. Plus, I’m participating in the April session of CampNaNoWriMo and am not precisely sticking to my goal. I mean, I’m writing, which I’m ​pleased to bits about, but I’m not working on the project I planned to… But I’m doing SOMETHING and that is way better than the whole bunches of nothin’ I produced over the last month and some change. Woohoo! Failure FTW.

    P.S. – I feel like I could use an #amfailing hashtag as much as the #amwriting one. Ha!

    • Emelie says:

      This is great! I’ve done NaNo before and it is HARD, so good for you. And at least you’re doing something!! The great thing about actually doing things is that they don’t often turn out to be the thing you thought they would, and usually they end up being even cooler. Keep writing and keep failing, because I have a feeling that you’ll suddenly realize that you’ve succeeded pretty soon.

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