Awkwardly Wonderful Dating Advice

Everyone, it’s official: My new web series, Awkwardly Wonderful Dating Advice, with Rachel (or as many of you have come to know her as: “Pixie Stick”) from Wandering Through Wonderland is scheduled to film it’s first episode this Saturday.

There will be mimosas. Because we are classy.

Anyway, our Facebook Page and Twitter Page are up and running, so you should definitely be following us there.

And if you have any crazy dating stories or questions that you would like to anonymously send to us so that we can reflect upon them via the internet, please email those to

Just last week, we got my photography friend/web designer, Jackie Chan, to come over and take some promo shots for us, so I thought I’d share our favorites with you:


Emelie is the definition of “awkward,” but in a way that she chooses to believe qualifies her as “charmingly adorable.” Why should you listen to her? Because she doles out what she calls completely practical, albeit odd advice. For example, she knows for a fact that T-Rex arms will get you out of almost any uncomfortable situation – dating or otherwise. She works in a bookshop, where she often daydreams about the movies “You’ve Got Mail” and “Notting Hill.”


Rachel Peterson blunders through her love life with the grace of a blind raccoon on roller skates. She isn’t entirely sure what qualifies her to advise you, but she has an arsenal of ludicrous dating stories and a penchant for happening upon occasional pearls of wisdom. She works as a writer at an ad agency, and likes to pretend that it’s as sexy as Mad Men.













So yeah. Get excited, everyone. We know we are.

Now I have to go have a water gun fight with my friend’s five-year-old son. My life is getting significantly more awesome with each and every day.

See you all on Wednesday, Duckies!

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3 Responses to Awkwardly Wonderful Dating Advice

  1. filbio says:

    Those are a great set of pics!

    Maybe I’ll contribute a dating story. I have a few. One involves a dates hair catching fire. Fun times!

  2. Roxie says:

    Dates are ok. Figs are nice too. I kind of like prunes, and they help me go! 🙂

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