An Update On the Giant Chicken

Okay, so, my Duckies, it turns out that the giant chicken, whom I have lovingly named Jay-Z (it only makes sense since Jenny Lawson’s Chicken is named Beyonce), is….. wait for it….. not for sale. 🙁


Jay-Z, my love, how will I ever get you?? :'(

The lady who owned the chicken at this thrift shop, however, did inform me that she acquired Jay-Z from a man about 5 hours away. And that she payed almost $400 for him… IF ONLY I HAD $400 DOLLARS!!!!

So then I got thinking… If I were to launch a kickstarter in order to acquire Jay-Z, would you donate? My thought is that he can live in my backyard and keep birds from flying into my window… not to mention, he can totally be supportive when I’m sad… or he’d be awesome to take Christmas photos with… I could even try to put him on wheels and have Gio pull us around town. The possibilities are endless, people.

Who’s with me??

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11 Responses to An Update On the Giant Chicken

  1. barrysmith324614485 says:

    Well done on thinking outside the box, or at least outside the coop. Thanks for a different look on a Friday.

  2. Sharon says:

    Haha, that’s a nice one. I’d definitely love to see how much you’re able to raise on kickstarter; who knows, I just might cluck in tool

  3. filbio says:

    If we all pitch in can we take him on alternate weekends?

  4. amygm says:

    Interesting notion! You go, girl!

  5. I’ve seen many chickens in my life and I must say that your chicken is the ugliest chicken I’ve ever seen. So ugly that I just might cluck in….

  6. Sweet Sarah says:

    I think you need to haggle with that woman a bit more. $400 for a chicken? Steep!

  7. lisanewlin says:

    I WAS JUST GOING TO SUGGEST A KICKSTARTER OR A CHIPIN CAMPAIGN! I put that in caps because it’s important to know how much we really do share the same brain.

    And duh, i would donate. I think this is an excellent idea and one I will support immediately. Let me know if you start it and maybe I can do a post on my page about it and drive some traffic to purchase Jay-Z. Okay, not the real Jay-Z. God, that sounds like I’m talking about slavery.

    Abort! Abort!

    Huh….that’s funny, because I was saying to abort this post, but also to abort slavery, so I guess it turned out okay after all.

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