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If someone steals this idea, I will be pissed. Or honored. I’m not sure which.

A text exchange I recently had with my boyfriend during my lunch break: Me: So this is a weird thing: I keep feeling slightly sick… But only at work… Boyfriend: Well that is an interesting mystery. Me: Right? My throat starts to get … Continue reading

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This is sort of just a weird update and reminder of the fact that my mom is an inspiration to us all.

I’ve been sort of sick this past week, which has put a real damper on my ability to do productive things. Whenever I get sick I become the most helpless person in the entire universe. I know so many people … Continue reading

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I’m being awful because I feel awful

I’m super sick today so the bloggy thing isn’t happening as well as it should be. So, for now just feel free to dig through the archives? Who knows what you’ll find in there….  

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I love you like these kitties: In a neck-biting, face-licking sort of way.

So I have this friend, Sara*. She was the first person I met in Stars Hollow when I moved here and there are days when I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. You know when you’re a weird … Continue reading

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